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Dr. Lynn Hunteris an author of a children's animated adventure series of The DooplesTM... writing tools that come to life to learn and teach a variety of early learning lessons, such as literacy, mathematics, cooperation, taking risks, relationships and much more

Meet the Dooples,   The Dooples and the Shapes and The Dooples Communicate, (with accompanying instructional guides, CD's and DVD's) provide the early learning framework for children in grades PreK-3.  Dr. Hunter's mission is to make a difference in the way children learn. Discover how you can have a

"Meet the Author" program in your school (see below).




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Meet the Author Series 

Experience a collaborative program as Dr. Lynn Hunter visits with your students either in their classrooms or in central location, such as the Library.


A “Meet the Author” series, is a creative way to turn students into young authors right in their own classroom. By providing "free" sets of Meet the Dooples, The Dooples and the Shapes along with accompanying animated DVDs, instructional guides and coloring pages, for The Dooples Communicate


Dr. Hunter motivates the students to cultivate their creativity and to engage their imagination. She reads these lively rhyming adventures about writing tools that come to life one night in a classroom and explores the genre of the fairytale. The lessons are designed to meet the needs of the individual student's developmental level as the youngsters share a small moment in the life of a "Doople". The experience is enhanced because the students are introduced to the components of the authoring process as the original idea is traced through the stages of layout, design, concept to completion.  As an extension, many classes communicate with her through videoconferencing.


The reading and writing processes are deeply explored with both Meet the Dooples and The Dooples and the Shapes. Students explore and share important fundamental basic literacy skills and strategies such as rhyming, rhythm and repetition, as the children learn about critical thinking, oral communication and collaboration.


Specifically, in The Dooples and the Shapes students take a magical mathematical journey, exploring as they learn how lines touch at points, forming patterns, designs and geometric shapes. The framework for the stories support significant social skills such as as cooperation, teamwork, risk-taking, fear, sharing and friendship. The trilogy is completed withThe Dooples Communicate, as we predict what happens to the Dooples on their adventure.


Dr. Hunter has successfully enlisted the aid of students in middle and high school to read and work with the younger children for whom the program is designed. Through this interaction, many valuable life skills and lessons are shared.


Accordingly, videoconferencing can be readily provided to facilitate this collaboration. One-time visits, weekly series (four or more), or any number of options are available that can be customized to meet individual and school needs. Each of these includes follow-up activities to reinforce learning.


Please visit the "Contact Us Tab" to request a "cost free" visit to discuss the successful implementation of a "Meet the Author" series for your school.

Meet the Dooples

Video Conference with a NYC School and Costa Rica

Video Production by High School Students of The Dooples and the Shapes