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Consulting Services
Dr. Lynn Hunter, founder of Educational Media Enterprises (EME), has supported both the private and public sectors of the educational industry in a variety of ways for over a decade. These consultant services have included programs for the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge curriculum, teacher training, parental awareness, and admininstrative leadership. She has also worked on television production, publisher's representation and most recently, project/performance-based learning programs through videoconferencing. She offers project-based learning programs integrating the core-curriculum through Distance Learning-breaking down the walls in the classroom. 
Currently,Educational Media Enterprises offers the following companies and learning environments consultant services that result in successful implementation of Videoconferencing technology as a tool to enhance the curriculum, expand the classroom and bridge the global divide.

                Partnering with Joe Depersia offering Videoconferencing tools, training and support services (from design to installation and implementation), video archiving and streaming

                 Educational Consultant-working in NYC DOE schools

                 Regional Director for Global Language and Culture Project (GLCP)

                 Distance Learning Consultant for Bronx STEM Grant(Science,Tech,Engineering & Math)

                   Distance Learning Coordinator PS112M, PS206M, MS328M, MS 244X, PS53X, PS 179Q and MS 238Q   

                 Board Member of NY/Metro Chapter

                 Interactive Games - Educational Consultant-NYC Department of

                 Educational P.R. Specialist