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Dooples Communicate
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The third book of the Dooples' trilogy is finally here!.  The Dooples Communicate follows the adventures of the group as they continue their voyage to the Land of Doo.
Along the way, the Dooples discover a big problem.  Their spaceship is breaking apart and they don't even know it !!!
You will want to be there when Mr. Dooba Dee Doo introduces Squishy, the power of light, to the Dooples.  Squishy helps the Dooples discover that lines form letters, and letters form words.  As they learn to write words, they learn to send messages.  Suddenly, they flip on their heads to start writing.  Join us on their increible journey as the Dooples learn that the power of communication can solve many problems.
You will want to share their experience as the Dooples try to save themselves from the danger and uncertainty that lies ahead.  Learn who finds the Dooples' message and helps them discover the importance of Communication.
If you want to see a preview of what happens next, go to