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The Dooples and the Shapes
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As the Dooples adventures continue…every night they practice their writing and drawing waiting for their leader - Mr. Dooba Dee Doo.

Mr. Dooba Dee Doo guides the Dooples to think - to do - to try - to make mistakes - and to cooperate. As they work together the Dooples learn about lines - parallel,- curved, straight,

thick or thin...and that they touch at points, form patterns and shapes.


The Dooples and the Shapes is intended to expand the World of Literacy to include Mathematics. Mathematics and Numeracy is as much a part of Literacy as letters and sounds. Reasoning, thinking, communication and problem solving are fundamental to mathematics.




Therefore, the objective of The Dooples and the Shapes is not only to introduce some basic mathematical concepts - such as geometic shapes, but also to teach the importance of taking risks, solving problems thinking /inquiry, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork.

Rhyme, rhythm and repetition build the framework for this animated adventure and motivates the children to learn without even knowing it.Children "love" the Dooples.They can’t wait to hear more – they love to imagine and write their own stories about their adventures with all sorts of learning tools.

Video Production by High School Students of The Dooples and the Shapes



Children discover that working as a team will result in success!