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Coloring Just for Kids


Download here: Dooples Coloring for Kids.doc

Meet the Dooples uses the Universal language of children....the Fairy Tale.... illustrasted with colorful imaginative characters which capture children's imagination, hold their interest, and motivate them to learn.... and to DO! These animated characters take the children through a fun-filled fantasy, designed to educate as they entertain.
The book's included "Parent Guide" provides activities and ideas that encourage children to discover and participate. And the AudioBook cassette or CD lets children follow along as they turn the pages.
Because parents are a child's first teacher, their participation is a vital part of the pre-school learning process. They need the tools necessary to create a learning environment in the home.
The Dooples and their adventures provide the tools, the environment, and the learning children need. This is continued in the second book, The Dooples and the Shapes.  as well as in the third book, The Dooples Communicate.

Video Conference with a NYC School and Costa Rica