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Bringing the "Global Community" to your Classroom

The Dooples
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  Project-Based Learning

·Global Collaborations

         Interactive class-to-class projects with schools around the world. Examples are:

         England, Taiwan, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Spain,Dom. Repub., Puerto Rico, China

·Meet the Author Series: “Meet the Dooples” & “The Dooples and the Shapes"

         Dr. Hunter provides ongoingcollaborations with students of all ages

·Global Language and Culture Project (GLCP)

        Enrich the curriculum performance-based learning curriculum with interactive, blended technology projects shared on-

         line with students and teachers locally, nationally and internationally

·Interactive Articulation Programs

         Students discuss expectations as the move onto the next steps in their educational experiences

         High School students collaborate withCollege students.

         Middle School students collaborate with High School students.

         Elementary students collaborate with Middle School Students

·Conflict Resolution

      Counselor/Teacher from one location facilitates in an open forum for students to discuss important social and emotional    issues that affect them

·Spanish Club

        Share an exchange of Spanish to English language skills with students nationally and internationally.

·TV Production

       TV Production classes share and mentor video production techniques and programs

·Science Challenge

       Students challenge each other withpresentations of a variety of experiments

·Standards-based Content (Social Studies; Science; Literacy; Mathematics)

       Students and teachers work together on curriculum based classroom lesson through live interaction lessons

·Global Friendship through Space Education

       Students interact via email and videoconferencing with students in Turkey & NASA in preparation for travel to Space Camp-Turkey in the summer. 

·Student Urban Farming

       Specialist provides on-going interactive lessons to grow plantsin the classroom. 

 Content Providers-Institutions/Professional

       Variety of hand picked lessons presented by specialists


ALIVE- Jazz musicians from around the world present and work with students

Manhattan School of Music - Music classes collaborate with each other

·ProfessionalDevelopment- Puerto Rico-Turado University

       Bi-weekly program training para-professionals


Customized to meet the needs and demands of your school community and classroom environment…