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The Dooples
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                  The DooplesTM
Children ages 3-8 identify with the Dooples' struggles to learn the important skills and strategies needed for life-long learning. The Dooples teach traditional foundation skills in order to prepare children for success across the curriculum.
  • LITERACY__reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • MATHEMATICS__communicating, reasoning, thinking, problem solving
  • SOCIAL SKILLS__collaboration, teamwork, risk taking, self esteem

The Adventures of the Dooples is a carefully planned series whose sequence is designed to meet the developmental needs of the preschool child. The fairytales combines the elements that capture the child's attention--rhyme, rhythm, and repetition


Teachers as Dooples
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The DooplesTM is now, not just a trilogy of books, Meet the Dooples, The Dooples and the Shapes, and The Dooples Communicate, but  they have further evolved into an animated story with one episode already competed and 12 more on its way. 


Additionally, the major characters have been developed into figurines that are prototypes of toys and possibly a television pilot being planned for the future.


Meet the Dooples and The Dooples and the Shapes have also been translated into Chinese and have an eBook published by Trillium Learning.  Meet the Dooples itself has been translated into Spanish.


In all, The DooplesTM are being organized to provide a full scale reading and learning program for young students and are positioning itself towards a worldwide market.


She is a crayon..from boxes or packs
She draws and she writes with creations of wax
None of her family is colored the same
"Rainbow" we call her -- "Rainbow is her name.

He has a hat that he wears like a crown
He must keep it on when he's not upside down
He is a marker -- his mark will remain
"Marky" we call him -- "Marky" is his name.

This Doople is chalk...on a board

he can dance
He make lots of dust when he's given the chance
The dust left behind an eraser

will claim
"Dusty" we call him -- "Dusty" is his name.


He's an eraser...a board is his fun
Like Racer, he cleans up what others have done
He chases after marks will remain
"Chaser" we call him -- "Chaser is his name.

He is also a doople--the wisest of all!
He listens to problems--and

answers their call
He guides and he leads them to all that is true
The name that we call him--Mr. Dooba Dee Doo.

He is a pencil...he uses his head
He draws and he writes with creations of lead
He can be erased...that's his special claim
"Sketchy" we call him --"Sketchy" is his name.

She's not like Sketchy..her marks

are distinct
She draws and she writes with creations of ink
She must take her cap off to join

in the game
"Inky" we call her -- "Inky" is her name.


She's an eraser, to rub off some lead
That's left behind while Sketchy uses his head
She moves very quickly -- she has a nick-name
"Racer" we call her -- "Racer" is her name